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Birdi is a platform that enables businesses to integrate and scale drones into their operations by providing an ‘end to end’ drone management platform.

The Birds platform enables any business to leverage the insights provided by drone data and simplifies drone integration by enabling any user to plan a flight, organise a pilot, manage data and gather insights. Our customers can manage one asset, or an entire portfolio, within one desktop platform.

If you are an enterprise or government client, Birdi helps you manage every stage of integrating drone operations into your business from pilot selection through to hardware, insurance, mission planning and operational health and safety.

Birdi allows drone pilots to store and share theirr drone content securely in Birdi’s cloud platform. Birdi’s drone agnostic platform offers per flight insurance, aviation compliance, equipment tracking, pilot management as well as data storage and management. Discover how easy it is to build your portfolio and share it with clients, family and friends.


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