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Blue Quest

Blue Quest's mission is to increase the global volume of clean usable water with their revolutionary industrial water filtration system, Purus H20.

Blue Quest’s Hydrate Membrane is a new nanofiltration separation technology using a proprietary gelatinous material, developed by The University of Queensland. The Purus H2O system enables simple and cost-effective production of filtered water. The water filtration technology removes all non-dissolved particulates as small as 10nm, helping to solve many environmental challenges.

Through extensive research and development, Blue Quest has determined the optimum design and manufacturing method for the Filtration Module and boxes. Each filtration box contains a measured layer of filtration gel membrane. Filtration is achieved partly by mechanical straining with a size exclusion of 10nm and partly by physical absorption. As a result, by using the Purus H2O system to filter water sources which may be contaminated with pathogens (including viruses and bacteria) and other particulates, it will provide clean and clear water that can be reused again.


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