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Gofar cuts the economic and social cost of cars. Gofar partners with insurers, fuel companies, roadside assistance and mechanics to help drivers save time and money.

Gofar is an award-winning telematics device and smartphone app that empowers car owners with better data so they can make better decisions.

Gofar helps reduce the social costs of emissions and accidents

They partner with government, insurers, roadside assist providers and fuel companies to cut the costs of cars and improve road safety

Their technology automates work-related car expenses, is tax-deductible and saves drivers almost 10% on each tank of fuel

Gofar combines OBDII scanner technology with plain English descriptions for hundreds of common car faults

Since 2016, Gofar-connected cars have logged more than 85 million kilometres in more than 50 countries across 6 continents


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