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Fully-integrated, cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable sustainable and reliable production of fresh and healthy produce. Everywhere.

InvertiGro indoor vertical farming solutions apply innovative design and leading edge technologies to profitably and pragmatically solve the real world challenge of sustainable and affordable food production.

They design, build, supply and support cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable customers around the globe to quickly convert indoor spaces into highly efficient fresh produce farms.

InvertiGro indoor vertical farms are capable of growing a vast number of different crops; from herbs and leafy greens to micro greens, berries, fruits, vegetables, fibres, feed-stock and more. Our hydroponically grown produce is also herbicide- and pesticide-free.

Modular growing units and their supporting smart technology systems are able to grow (and switch between) a variety of crops with superior yields, consistent quality and greater resource efficiencies (water, land, labour and capital).

InvertiGro’s fully integrated indoor vertical farming solutions provide everything required to quickly begin producing hassle-free, profitable and reliable supplies of quality fresh produce well into the future.


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