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Iridium Dynamics

Iridium Dynamics producing high performance fixed-wing UAVs for commercial markets, and supply a range of accessories for fixed-wing UAVs.

Iridium Dynamics is an Australian drone manufacturer with offices in Brisbane, Australia and Toulouse, France.

We use advanced technologies to develop aircraft, ground-based robotics, batteries, and avionics which outperform existing solutions in the fixed-wing UAV market. Our products take the greatest advantage of the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft to squeeze out every last bit of performance.

Our long-range Halo UAVs also have vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and extended hovering capabilities, allowing operations which require up-close inspection of distant sites. Launching and landing is performed autonomously, enabling use in locations without runways, and without the risks inherent in parachute recovery of aeroplanes. Mapping versions provide all the benefits of vertical takeoff and landing with very long range, and large area coverage. Inspection versions add the In the process of developing the optimal fixed-wing VTOL UAV, we have developed a multitude of support hardware, including a robust launch and retrieval system LaRS, high-performance batteries optimised for fixed-wing UAVs, avionics.

Iridium Dynamics was founded in Sydney in 2015 by Ian Conway Lamb. The company was accelerated by the Techstars Adelaide accelerator in 2017, and the Airbus Bizlab accelerator in 2018.


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