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Leakster detects, classifies, and pin-points water distribution pipeline leaks - enabling water utilities to make more efficient asset management decisions.

Failing water pipes are an economic and environmental disaster.

Given water assets are often underground, it is difficult for water utilities (the operators of water distribution infrastructure) to know the condition of their assets, particularly where leaks exist, and the size of these leaks until the water becomes visible on the surface.

Often, before the leaking water becomes visible, the leak turns into large pipe rupture causing further water loss and damage to property and the environment.

Leakster addresses this problem, by assisting water utilities to understand the condition of their assets before it becomes a problem. They have developed and are trialing a ground-breaking technology that uses active sensing to point-point the location of pipeline leaks, determine the size of the leak, and provide blockage, pressure and flow data to predictively identify high risk areas of the network.

The ACTIVE sensor data, combined with signal processing and the use of Artificial Intelligence enables Leakster to provide superior condition insights.


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