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Seed2Diesel provides a service to oilseed growers to get them fuel self-sufficient.

As part of a regular crop rotation a farmer may grow an oilseed like Canola, Sunflower, Soybeans, Peanuts, Flax... The business model for a grower today is to sell the harvest, pay tax on the profit, and buy fuel for the next year's operations.

Seed 2 Diesel offers oilseed growers an alternative economic model. For a fee we will pick up the oilseed from their storage silos, extract the oil and process it into diesel that we deliver back to the grower to fuel their agricultural equipment. For a commission the protein rich oilseed meal is either on-sold to livestock producers on the growers' behalf, or is returned to the grower for their own livestock.

See2Diesel's new high tech oil extraction and processing equipment is designed to be oilseed agnostic, requiring only the seed hold a minimum of 20% oil. As a minimum they will process enough oilseeds to produce 1000 litres of diesel for a customer. Their professional approach and specially designed processing equipment will produce diesel that consistently meets or exceeds standards demanded by engine manufacturers.


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