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Southern Green Gas

By extractings carbon dioxide and water from the atmosphere, Southern Green Gas create fuels like renewable methane that are not only carbon neutral, but can be transported in existing gas infrastructure.

Southern Green Gas is a renewable energy company pioneering world-first technology aimed at creating carbon-neutral fuels; renewable methane and renewable methanol.

At its heart is the ability to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to create fuels that are not only sustainable, but also can be transported in existing infrastructure.

We aim to be first to market with this pioneering technology, protected by a strong intellectual property position. ​

The company’s approach is unique in the use of small production modules that are amenable to mass manufacture. The potential cost reduction benefits from this approach could allow a least cost transition to a low carbon vibrant economy.

Renewable methane, being interchangeable with natural gas, can utilise existing infrastructure (gas pipelines, gas power stations, LNG export facilities) maximising the utilisation of this infrastructure and the markets it serves.

Our technology will harness Australia's gas pipelines as the mechanism to move renewable methane to domestic and international customers thereby ensuring a cost effective distribution model while providing a pathway to 'green' gas networks.


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