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A battery casing technology company - allows electric vehicle manufacturers to save money, time, weight and spacewhile greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

The team behind Vaulta has worked to create a shift in battery casing technology that reduces the amount of parts needed to house the batteries used in electric vehicles from about 20 down to just a few.

Current battery casing technology can need up to 20 parts. Vaulta combines the functions of at least 15 of them into 1.

Vaulta’s simple manufacturing process halves the development time of current EV battery cases.

Vaulta’s development time and parts reduction halves the cost to market for EV and battery manufacturers.

Vaulta reduces battery weight and size by a minimum of 10%.

Vaulta’s design improves thermal performance with enhanced passive cooling of the cell terminals.

Vaulta’s simpler design is easier to assemble, improving safety in both assembly and use.


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